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[ Erstwhile Jhargram Raj College (Girls’ Wing) ]
Government of West Bengal | Affiliated to Vidyasagar University
P.O. + P.S.: Jhargram, District: Jhargram, PIN: 721507.


What is Physiology?

Physiology is the Science of Life that aims to understand the mechanism of living things, from the basis of cell function at the iconic and molecular level to the integrated behaviour of the whole body and the influence of the external environment. The term “Physiology” was originated from Greek word (Physis), meaning “nature, origin” and (-logia), meaning “study of”, is the scientific of functions and mechanisms in a living system. The study of Human Physiology as a medical discipline traces its roots back to around 420 BC as far as the time of Hippocrates, the famous “father of medicine”. Human Physiology seeks to understand the mechanism that act to keep the human body alive and functioning normally through maintaining the nature of mechanical, physical and biochemical functions of humans, carried out by the biological compounds, organs, tissues or cells, of which they are composed. Human Physiology encompasses different biological systems like nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, integumentary system, musculoskeletal system, renal/urinary/excretory system, reproductive system etc. In 1901, the highest honour, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for exceptional scientific achievements in physiology related to the field of medicine.

A Brief History

Three year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) General course in Bioscience started its journey from 2016-2017 academic session in Rani Indira Debi Government Girls’ College under the affiliation of Vidyasagar University. Simultaneously the Department of Physiology was established as a core subject of Bioscience under direct supervision of Dr. Anandi Bagchi who acted as the Head of the Department. Not only introduced, but Dr. Bagchi as the only faculty member in the department carried out the entire responsibility by all her efforts till the end of 2019 to make the Physiology Department magnificent.

From 2018-2019 academic session Semester based CBCS pattern was introduced in the syllabus. As the Human Physiology is a subject related to Medical Physiology, the syllabus includes Cellular Physiology, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Digestive system & Metabolism, Blood & Body fluids, Immune system, Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system as Core Course. Nerve-Muscle physiology, Nervous system, Skin-Body temperature regulation, Sensory physiology, endocrine & Reproductive system, Renal physiology are considered in Discipline Specific Course. Sports physiology, Work physiology, Ergonomics, Environmental physiology, Community nutrition & Public health, Biostatistics, Microbiology, Immunity & Biotechnology, Developmental aspects of Embryo & Fetus, Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Hematology are considered in Discipline Specific Elective Course. All these help to promote and develop a comprehensive understanding of Human Physiology. Certain Skill Enhancement Courses like Public Health Epidemiology, Environmental epidemiology, Biochemical Techniques, Medical Diagnostics, Biology related Instrumentation techniques, Maternal & Child nutrition, Nutrition & Fitness, Environmental Surveillance, Health psychology, Physiology of Stress and it’s management, Pharmacology & Toxicology aim to cultivate more specialized areas involving normal Physiology and Pathology.

Departmental laboratory is well equipped with all necessary and valuable apparatus, chemicals, glass goods for conducting smooth practical classes so that the students get opportunity in hands-on training and become skilled in experimentation in Physiology-related various fields like Hematology, Histology, Biochemistry, Human experiment etc. Theory classes are taken in an interactive fashion to make it more exciting for students. Physiology department is also enriched with a large number of Physiology text books and reference books of both Indian and foreign publication and these books are accessible for students.

The vision of this department is to encourage and motivate rural girl students to enter the World of Bioscience so that they can find out some avenues in their life to make a career. It also seeks to attract and serve students from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic status. A large number of these students belong to backward classes, first generation learner coming from interior villages of Jhargram & other and generally they are forced to get married before age.

Teachers in the Physiology department always extend very caring, friendly and guiding attitude towards their students. They not only encourage the students for syllabus oriented learning but also motivate them to participate in various programmes like Science Day celebration, cultural events, seminars, debate competition, MGNCRE activities, NSS activities and so on.

Distinguished Faculty Of The Department