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Government of West Bengal | Affiliated to Vidyasagar University
P.O. + P.S.: Jhargram, District: Jhargram, PIN: 721507.


The Department of Philosophy was established in August 2014. It offers a B.A degree in Philosophy (Honours and General). Though Philosophy was once treated as “mother of all disciplines”, now it has no such place in today's academic structure. With an eye to regain its lost place, the curriculum of this subject under Vidyasagar University has included certain topics that make the subject acceptable to the students and help them relate to their day to day activity. The study of philosophy opens up the power of analysis and justification of thoughts. This in turn helps the students to have a better grasp on their life and living. This department has two (03) sanctioned posts. At present there are two (2) full-time professors who are taking care of this department.

The first Honours batch of this department passed out in 2018. Many students are successfully pursuing M.A in Philosophy from prominent universities in and around West Bengal. Though academics is the core part, students of this department also engage in a range of extra-curricular activities including dance, sports, recitation, drawing, NSS to name a few.

Philosophy is not a mere discipline. It is “the art and law of life” and quite rightly this subject helps to prepare the students in their future endeavors. The ambiance of the college and department to be specific is such that it nurtures the students in such a way, that they can establish themselves in every walk of their lives. As career options they can choose academic and research institutes, social works, Journalism , Counselling, Human Resource Specialist, among other jobs.

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