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[ Erstwhile Jhargram Raj College (Girls’ Wing) ]
Government of West Bengal | Affiliated to Vidyasagar University
P.O. + P.S.: Jhargram, District: Jhargram, PIN: 721507.


History is an important part of the knowledge system. It is a story of progress of the human race. The trajectory of this story is not uni-linear and without any obstacles. It traverses a lot of ups and downs along its course. The progress, however, is constant and has been creating cultures and civilizations for ages.

Keeping up with this spirit of historical progress, the Department of History of Rani Indira Debi Government Girls’ College began its journey in 2014 amidst the picturesque Junglemahal, an area rich in heritage, diversity and eventful history. The department began its journey with only one faculty member and currently it has three full time faculty members catering to academic needs. Both honours and general courses are offered by this department.

Vision & Mission

Our department aspires to go beyond the conventional notions about History as a discipline. Our prime motive is to make an awareness among our students that the study of history as a discipline is far more than the routine memorization of names and dates. Rather, we emphasize to prepare them to understand about the proper concept of time, space and society, so that, they can travel through the course of human experiences and comprehend the relations of the present with the past. In a way, we make an effort to enhance critical thinking and analytical skills among pupils. Also, we attempted to inculcate them the values of cultural, ethical, intellectual, educational, nationalistic, internationalistic.

The Teaching Process:

A wide range of methods are employed by the faculty members to present the topics incorporated in the syllabus in a holistic manner. From traditional lectures touse of smart class technology with audio visual aids and remedial classes, a wide variety of multidimensional teaching tools are used. Apart from this, seminars, debates, photo exhibitionsare also arranged by the department from time to time. The broad aim of the department is to create conscious and suitable members of society who are aware of their social, cultural, economic, political histories and environments, as well as have sympathetic,secular and moralapproach in grasping such histories.

Faculty Members Speak:

Since the very inception of this college in 2014, as well as my first posting in Jungle Mahal area in RIDGGC with a handful number of disciplines opened, less number of faculty members and less number of students was just like a small bud and seeing it grow is really overwhelming which creates a soft corner and will always remain a memoir for me. At first indeed it was very difficult for me to teach due to linguistic differences as Bengali was my third language but thanks to my dear faculty members and my students for always driving me saying that ‘I could do it ’and students now a days tell me ‘Madam apni khub sundor bangla bolen’ to tell you the truth it gives me inner happiness of achieving something you had strived for. The life here in RIDGGC is more than a teacher students bonding with my students with reciprocal sharing of knowledge, learning not only in the field of academics but also in all round development. Student’s eagerness to learn inspires me for my daily classes, despite students coming from different social and economic background and taking lots of hardships would not stop them from learning new things, widening their mindset in the area of their study and their self consciousness of letting their dreams take wing. This passage of time has brought about lots of social awareness among the students, knowing their rights as women and their very willingness progress and to become self-dependent (atonirbhor) which allures me the most as a teacher and still there is way far to go in building a better tomorrow by instilling enthusiasm and consciousness among students about their responsibility towards this society and a better India.

My experience at Rani Indira Debi Government Girls’ College has been unique because of its geographical location. For the first time, I got the opportunity to teach the students of a remote predominantly tribal area. I not only became aware of their problems and challenges, but through my interaction with them, I learnt a lot about their language and culture as well. Despite the obstacles that hinder them, the indomitable spirit of the students and their thirst for knowledge never failed to impress me.

Distinguished Faculty Of The Department