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All General Notifications

IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
40049 VU Exam 2021-22 15-05-202214-06-2022General Notice
40048 Academic Calendar for 2021-22 15-05-202214-06-2022General Notice
40047 College Notice 02-05-202231-05-2022General Notice
40046 6th Sem Student admission fees deposit schedule notice 23-03-202223-04-2022General Notice
40045 Sem I Student Notice 14-03-202214-04-2022General Notice
40043 Tender notice for others 2022-23 14-03-202214-04-2022General Notice
40042 LIST OF GLASS GOODS EQUIPMENTS 2022-23 14-03-202214-04-2022General Notice
40041 OFFICE COINTINGENCY 2022-23 14-03-202214-04-2022General Notice
40040 REQUIREMENT LIST OF EQUIPMENTS AGAINST COVID-19- 2022-23 FY 14-03-202214-04-2022General Notice
40038 Sem III Student Notice 07-03-202231-03-2022General Notice
40037 VU UG Registration portal Notice 02-03-202231-03-2022General Notice
30073 College notice for piyal magazine 16-02-202228-02-2022General Notice
30072 Student Notice 03-02-202228-02-2022General Notice
30071 Student notice for 5th sem 03-02-202228-02-2022General Notice
30070 Guidelines for 3rd sem exam 02-02-202228-02-2022General Notice
30069 Examination form fill up guidelines for UG 3rd sem 02-02-202228-02-2022General Notice
30068 College routine 03.02.22 01-02-202215-02-2022General Notice
30067 Re-opening offline classes notice 31-01-202228-02-2022General Notice
30066 Notice of re-opening offline classes 31-01-202228-02-2022General Notice
30065 Registration date extension Notice 09-01-202231-01-2022General Notice
30063 Roster Notice 03-01-202231-01-2022General Notice
30062 nov dec routine 2021 18-12-202119-01-2022General Notice
30061 Student Notice for Student Credit Card Related 18-12-202119-01-2022General Notice
30055 Semester IV and II Notice 25-11-202115-12-2021General Notice
30052 Semester I verification Notice 20-11-202120-12-2021General Notice
30047 Orientation program notice 14-11-202130-11-2021General Notice
30037 notice on vaccination of students 24.9.21 24-09-202124-10-2021General Notice
20039 COMPOSITE ACADEMIC ROUTINE (ARTS) SEP 2021 13-09-202113-10-2021General Notice
20038 Sem-VI (General) and Sem-III (back) Marks Sheets notice 13-09-202113-10-2021General Notice
20037 5th Sem student Notice 13-09-202113-10-2021General Notice
20036 Sem II VU processing fess table and time schedule 06-09-202101-10-2021General Notice
20035 Sem V Deposit Admission fees table and time schedule 06-09-202101-10-2021General Notice
10036 Marksheets Collection Sem V, Sem VI, Part III(OLD) 04-09-202129-09-2021General Notice

All Student Notifications

IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
10037 Examination schedule and guideline for Sem-2 University Examination 2021 04-09-202130-09-2021Student Notice
36 Semester IV VU EXAMINATION FEES COLLECTION PORTAL NOTICE 18-08-202130-09-2021Student Notice
34 Examination Form Fill-Up Semester IV, 2021 16-08-202130-09-2021Student Notice
32 Form Fill Up Part II 28-07-202128-09-2021Student Notice
31 4th Semester Admission Fess and Time schedule 28-07-202128-09-2021Student Notice
30 2nd Semester Admission Fess and Time schedule 28-07-202128-09-2021Student Notice
28 Six Semester admission notice 20-07-202120-09-2021Student Notice
27 Exam Guideline for UG Candidates 20-07-202120-09-2021Student Notice
26 Credit Card for Students 01-07-202101-07-2022Student Notice